The Modules menu item is shown in Figure 1. The LMC report provides the user the status of each module, whether on or off. There are 12 modules that can be activated in EE10 (see Figure 2). In which, Hydrodynamics module is always activated by default. Optional modules include are salinity, temperature, dye, sediments (which includes cohesive sediments, non-cohesive sediments, and SEDZLJ sediment model), Toxics, Water Quality, Waves, Lagrangrian Particle Tracking, Propeller Wash, and Marine Hydrokinetic DevicesEach of these is described in sections following. RMC on the Modules menu item will open a form to turn these on and off as described in the Setting EFDC Modules section. 

Figure 1. Model Control: Modules.

Figure 2. EFDC Modules.