Waves (EE10.3)

After turning on the wave module in the Model Control GUI, a LMC on the waves menu will show a report of the current wave settings as shown in Figure 1.  There are two major options for waves: internal wave model and external wave model. Within each of these two options are several sub-options which are summarized here and explained in detail in the following sections: 

  • Internally Generate Windwaves – without Radiation Stress (ISWAVE=3 and available in EFDC+ only)
  • Internally Generate Windwaves – with Radiation Stress (ISWAVE=4 and available in EFDC+ only)
  • External Linkage – without Radiation Stress (ISWAVE=1, requires WAVEBL.INP and WV00N.INP, n=1, 2, 3, and uses a new format of WAVE.INP)
  • External Linkage – with Radiation Stress (ISWAVE=2, requires the new format of WAVE.INP, the same input file as for ISWAVE=1)

Figure 1. Wave module report.