Add a New Model Layer

The Layer Control form allows the user to add, remove and modify layers with great flexibility. There are two methods for adding a new layer from the current model:

Click the  button from bottom of Layer Control or click on icon from top-right of Layer Control or RMC on the blank space in Layer Control,  then select Add New Layer as shown in Figure 1.

The 2DH View Option form is now displayed as shown in Figure 2. From this form, the user needs to select a parameter group from drop-down list in Primary Group. The available group here depends on which modules are activated in the model.

Once a primary group is selected, the user should continue by selecting the desired parameter from the drop-down list under Parameter as shown in Figure 3.

Click the Add button shown in Figure 4 to add the layer. After clicking Add button, the new layer (e.g Water Elevation) is added to Layer Control as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 1. Add a new layer.

Figure 2. Select Primary Group.

Figure 3. Select Parameter.

Figure 4. Add new layer.

Figure 5. New layer added to Layer Control.