Compare Models

EE10 allows the user to open multiple model runs so a parameter from two model runs can be compared.

To add a new comparison layer from two different models, the user needs to load or open two models with available output. The model open from which the comparison is started is the base model, the other model is the comparison model. In 2DH View Option form, check on Compare Model box, then select the comparison model from drop-down list. In the Primary Group and Parameter drop-downs the user can select  the parameter want to be compared. The Fixed box in the Time Setting  frame allows user to enter a specific time for comparison of a parameter. Click the Apply button for make the comparison as shown in Figure 1.

After clicking Apply, a new layer of comparison is added to Layer Control, and results of comparison for a parameter at a specific time is displayed in 2DH View window as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1. Select compare model in 2DH View Option form.

Figure 2. A new comparison layer added to Layer Control.