2DV View Setting

An example of the plot is shown in Figure 1. Information about the current cell can be displayed (the yellow text box), as in 2DH View, by LMC on the cell. Many of the operations of this feature are similar to 2DH View.RMC on various elements of the plot (axes, title, legend) allows the user to edit and re-configure them.

A feature unique to the 2DV View is that different RMC positions on the legend will display a different form.

If the user RMCs on the top of the legend (highlighted in Figure 1 ), a 2DV View Setting form will be displayed.

Figure 1. 2DV View Setting.

If the user RMCs on the bottom of the legend (highlighted in Figure 2 ), the user can select Properties and Edit for the current parameter, choose Properties will open the 2DV View Properties while Edit will open the Data Extraction for 2DV View.

Figure 2. Edit the parameter displayed in 2DV View.