Flight Path Animation

The function allows the users to create flight path animation in 3DView. This tool can be accessed by clicking the Flight Path Animation button in the 3DView main toolbar as Figure 1.

Figure 1. Flight Path Animation button.

In the Flight Path Animation form, the user can define Numbers of Animation Steps and the Camera Pitch Angle (deg) to record the animation.

The flight path can be created by Draw Polyline in 2DView or the user is able to use their own file. Once the file is loaded the number of data point and total length will be calculated automatically ( as shown in Figure 2). It is possible to adjust the height of the polyline along Z-axis by clicking Edit Height button.

Figure 2. Flight Path Settings.

In addition, EEMS10 also supports the user to export the flight path animation to the AVI file by checking the Output to AVI File box and fill a name in the File Name box (Figure 2).

Once all setting is checked, the user can click Animate button.