Blanking and Clipping

Blanking and Clipping in 3D View is activated by clicking the icon  shown in the menu bar. This function allows the user to blank the selected layer by grid cells or clip the layer by the selected value. This function is only implemented for layers of Water Column and Model Grid. Users can also right mouse click on the layer and select Clipping/Blanking.

Grid Cell Blanking

Users may view certain cells along with the selected I, J, or K index by using the blanking option. For example, the model in this case (Figure 1)  is only being viewed between 3 and 80 on the I column index, between 3 and 46 on the J row index, and from 1 to 5 on the K layer index.

Value Clipping

The function allows users to display the cells in a certain value range. For instance, Figure 1 presents cells in the salinity layer which have a value range from 0 to 30 ppt.

Figure 1. 3D View: Clipping/Blanking Options.