Flux Comparisons

The flux comparison tool is provided to assist the user in calibration of flux or flow across a user defined line and is accessed at shown in Figure 1. The "# if Comps" label displays for the user the number of comparisons that have been defined. The user may Define/Edit these comparisons with the appropriate button which displays the form shown in Figure 3.

This form provides the user with option of defining the number of time series to be compared in the text box in the top right corner. The user should define an ID (usually a station name), and set the path to the predefined flux lie asn well as the data file for that flux line. The following five columns are used to set the parameter (based on the parameter codes shown in Figure 2). The "R Average" column is used to filter the data with a moving average. The "Mult" column is used as multiplier and "Use" will activate or deactivate this comparison.

Figure 1  Post Processing Options - Main Form.

Fi240pxgure 2  Available calibration parameter codes.

Figure 3 Flux Calibration