DTM Color Ramp

The DTM Color Ramp frame deals with elevation and the color gradients to represent different elevations. If the user is only using a 2D polygon then this section is irrelevant. Figure 1 shows this section for reference.

Figure 1 DTM color ramp sub-sections.

Ramp Label

Give the color ramp a name

Single Ramp or Upper Range

Specifies the range of color from blue to red

Lower Range

Specifies the lower range of the color ramp

Show Color Topo

Shows the elevation topography in color based on the color ramp.

Auto Ramp to Viewport

Change Min, Max, and Average number of View Options "Ortho", "Dx", and "Dy" on Legend when view window changed.

Elevation Clipping Options

Specifies the elevation range for clipping

DTM Point Options

Allow the user set the diameter of DTM Points in inches