Spline Menu

As mentioned in Grid Generation Basics, splines are the most important part of generating grids. A spline can be either a straight line or a curved line and must contain at least two points. The Laplace equations are based on these splines, thus in order to create correct grids the user must define the splines correctly. In the main toolbar there are five icons that make up the "Spline Menu", shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Spline menu icons.

Table 1 Spline menu button options.

This button allows the user to create a new spline/boundary line. Clicking in the workspace creates a point. Moving the mouse and clicking in another location creates another point with a line joining the two points. A point is indicated by a circle (if a spline is drawn). The spline/boundary line continues as the user continues to create new points. RMC to end drawing a spline.

This button allows the user to delete previously created splines. When this button is selected, clicking on a spline will delete it.

This button allows the user to insert points on an already created spline. Once a point is inserted it can be moved to reshape the spline.

This button allows the user to move points on a spline. This enables a spline to be adjusted to better shape the model domain.

This button allows the user to delete points on a spline.