CVLGrid Settings

This menu allows the user to adjust default setting for grid generation. These include various genera settings as well as orthogonalization parameters, smoothing parameter, and scale settings. This menu can be accessed by clicking on the CVLGrid Settings button represented by the icon in the main toolbar. This settings window is shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Figure 1 Grid generation settings.


Specifies number of cells in the I (X) direction.


Specifies number of cells in the J (Y) direction.

Scale Settings

Auto Set is set as default for viewing. The X and Y values can be manually adjusted by unchecking the Auto Set box and typing in the desired values in the input boxes. When Apply is selected the workspace is refreshed and zoomed in or out based on the X and Y coordinate limitations.

RHS Type

There are two optional choices for grid generation: Laplace and Sorenson.

Sorenson (a, b, c, d)

These are Sorenson coefficients. The user is able to put the coefficients when Sorenson option is chosen for the equation solving option. For RHS Type. a and c for P; b and d for Q. When a, b, c, d is greater than 100 the Sorenson tends to Laplace methodology in generating grid.

Number of Orthogonalization Iterations per Operation

Specifies the number of iterations to perform during calculation.

Number of Iterations of Boundary Adjustment

Specifies the number of times to move the boundary points. CVLGrid automatically sets these to 10 and 1 respectively. This is recommended if the grid is very large as it can reduce calculation time.

Ratio of Moving Points

Ratio of moving node grid on a segment on the border. 0< ratio <=1

Maintain Original Border after Orthogonalization

Keep grid nodes on the border close to the border as possible when orthogonalize is used

Maximum Number of Sub-segments

Specifies the maximum number of sub-segments

Figure 2 General settings.

Spline Method

There are two optional choices for setting the spline type: B-Spline and Catmull-Rom.


Number of point division between two spline points when draw a spline. 1<= Division <=100

Line Selected Formatting

Allows the user to format attributes of line and symbol when clicking on this image , a Line Formatting frame appears as Figure 3.

Distribute Symbols

Delta value to display space between point symbols in polyline. Default value is 0.2 inch.

Number of Smoothing Iterations per Operation

Specifies the number of iterations for smoothing

Figure 3 Line formatting.