Shift Line

The Shift Line function allows the user to move a line (or multiple parallel lines) of the selected grid. To do this, the user must follow the steps below:

1. Select the first point and the second point on the boundary line of the grid. These two points determine the line that will be moved. The first point will act as a pivot when the grid line is moved. The second point will serve as a moveable point to determine where to move to. This process is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Shift line: choose the first two points.

2. Select a third node in the grid. This third point will determine the number of cell rows between this point and the selected line that will be moved. A line segment is connected by the first point and the second point will be resized after the line is moved. When the third point is chosen then the line segment will be highlighted automatically.

Figure 2 Shift line: choose the third point inside the grid

3. LMC on the second point to start moving then LMC again on the desired destination. The grid cells between the third point and the line segment will be resized.

Figure 3 Shift line: move the second point to required destination

4. After clicking on the destination point the grid image will be changed as shown in Figure 4. Note that if the second point selected is not a corner node, then one cell to the side of the second is also moved along with the second point.

Figure 4 Shift line: grid after LMC on destination point.