Refine Grid

The Refine tool increases the resolution of the grid. It operates by multiplying the existing number of cells in the current grid with (IC, JC) independently. There are two refine features: Refine Global and Refine Local as shown in Figure 1. Refine Global feature will apply the refinement for the whole grid, whereas Refine Local feature will only apply the refinement for the section of the grid selected.

Figure 1. Two options for "Refine" grid.

For the  Refine Global feature, the user must define set the multiplier, n I and n J, to enter into the text box. Figure 2 and Figure 3 show the grid before and after applying Refine Global with (2, 2) for the IC and JC indices. Note that the multiplier must be a whole number.

For the Refine Local feature, the user must first define two nodes in the same I or J direction. This will define a "local" zone for which the refinement will be applied. Figure 4 and Figure 5 show the grid before and after applying Refine Local with 2 in the I direction.

Figure 2. Grid before applying "Refine Global".

Figure 3. Grid after applying "Refine Global".

Figure 4. Grid before applying "Refine Local".

Figure 5. Grid after applying "Refine Local".