Connect Two Grids

Often the model domain is too complex to create a single grid that accurately represents the area. Therefore, the user may have to create several grids and connect them using the Connect tool.

To connect two grids, the user must have the initial grid open. The user should then create a new layer for a new set of splines. These splines should extend from a location adjacent to the first grid and outline the new domain. Draw the farthest spline first, followed by the connection to the first grid and then the sides. When drawing the spline parallel to the first grid, ensure it is close to the edge. The user may then generate the grid making sure the number of cells in the I or J-axis of the new grid matches the number of cells connecting it to the first grid. Select the Connect Two Grids tool and click two nodes on the grid line of the second grid where it is adjacent to the first grid. An example of this is shown in, Figure 1, Figure 2 and Figure 3.

Figure 1 Splines for new grid drawn next to a previously generated grid.

Figure 2 Second grid generated adjacent to the first grid.

Figure 3 Two nodes on second grid selected using the Connect tool.