Fit To Polyline

The Fit to Polyline tool allows the user to fit grid cells to a polyline (boundary) of the model domain. When a grid is generated and orthogonalized it will tend to pull away from the boundary to reposition itself. However, for accurate modeling the grid should fit to the domain boundary as closely as possible.

To use this tool simply select it from the Grid and Cell Operation Menu by RMC on the workspace and select two nodes along the same segment of the grid adjacent to the boundary. The boundary here can be of type Overlay or Splines. Select two nodes on the grid to indicate the section of grid that will be affected by this function. Figure 1 to Figure 6 42 demonstrate the use of this tool along with further explanation of the steps.

1. RMC to choose "Fit to Polyline" as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Fit to polyline tool.

2. Select two nodes from the edge of grid which does not fit to the boundary and requires moving as shown in Figure 2. This action defines the range of the grid cells that will be modified to fit to the boundary.

Figure 2 Fit to polyline tool: choose the first two nodes.

3. Select a node on the grid to determine the number of rows that will be modified. This effectively sets the depth of the impact of the shifting process. In Figure 3 this node is shown by the blue circle, indicating that four rows deep inside the grid will be modified (from the blue third node to the red edge that was created from the first two nodes).

Figure 3 Fit to boundary tool: choose the third node

4. The last node will be placed on the boundary line to tell CVLGrid which polyline is being fitted to. Immediately after the user selects the four and final node, the Fit to boundary function will be automatically implemented as seen in Figure 4.

Figure 4 Fit to boundary tool: choose the final node.

5. When grid cells are fitted to a boundary only the closest cells are stretched. Thus, the grid can further be "regularized" to improve cell spacing shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5 Grid after it has been regularized.