Viewing Options

The user can select what to view on the main form by selection options on the side bar shown in Figure 1. The CVLGrid Options dropdown menu allows the user to select what to make visible on the grid. Below this there are a number of other options available on the side bar that can be selected with a check box. These include:

Show Grid

Grid can be shown or hidden by selecting this option.

Layer Control

Layer Control tool can be displayed or hidden on workspace by selecting this option.

Inactive Cell

Inactive Cells of the Grid can be viewed by selecting this option.


Figure 1 Side menu.

A number of options are available to the user shown in Figure 2, including "None", "L Index", "I & J", "Corners", "Orthogonal Deviation", "Dx", and "Dy". These options are described in the sections below.

Figure 2 Viewing options for grid.