Shortcut and Navigation Keys

In the CVLGrid workspace there are several ways to navigate the space and get a better view of the grid. Selecting F2 on the keyboard displays the full list of shortcut and combination keys as shown in the "Shortcut Keys" in Figure 1.

Scroll Wheel

When the workspace is active the mouse scroll wheel allows the user to zoom in and out. Scrolling up zooms in while scrolling down zooms out.


By right mouse clicking (RMC) and dragging the rectangle over the desired area, the workspace will zoom in on the area encompassed by the rectangle.

Ctrl + E

By pressing Ctrl + E on the keyboard the workspace will automatically "zoom to extents" which puts everything in the workspace in view.

Ctrl + R

By pressing Ctrl + R on the keyboard the workspace will repeat the last CVLGrid operation.

Ctrl + V

Go to a user specified cell by entering the L or I, J coordinates.

Alt + W

By pressing Alt + W on the keyboard the pop-up window will display to allow the Users to enter horizontal scale number. (See Figure 2).

Arrow Keys

Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the user is able to pan through the workspace and move to view different parts of the grid.

- Key

Zoom out

+ Key

Zoom in


End current selected operation.

Space bar + LMCPan in the workspace

Figure 1 Shortcut keys.

Figure 2 CVLGrid viewing options.