Offline Activation

Users who wish to have a license of CVLGrid without requiring a connection to the internet can do so with an Offline License. DSI will provide the user with a USB dongle which can be plugged into their computer to provide the license file required for operation. Offline licenses can be provided for both long term rentals as well as Perpetual Licenses. The steps for activation using a dongle are described below.

1. To use dongle, the Flexnet USB dongle driver may need to be installed for older versions of MS Windows. This will have been provided by email or can be found on the USB dongle. Plug the dongle into the USB port.

2. Open CVLGrid1.1 from shortcut on desktop or from the Start button then the Activation Wizard Form will appear as shown in Figure 1. The user should select the Activation using a Dongle option.

Figure 1  CVLGrid Activation Wizard Form for dongle

3. Select the Browse button to browse to license file ( *.lic) in on the USB dongle drive as shown in Figure 2 and select Open.

Figure 2  License File Selection Browse

4. Select the Activate CVLGrid button. The EFDC_Explorer Main form will then be opened.

5. If the user unplugs the USB dongle during use of CVLGrid, a warning form will appear as shown in Figure 3. The user has two options: to save the current work and close CVLGrid or keep using CVLGrid by reinserting the dongle into the USB port.

Figure 3  USB dongle license removed warning.