Online Deactivation and License Management

Deactivation of CVLGrid is required when the user wishes to move their seat to a different computer, or plan to make some major changes to the hardware or operating system of their computer. Deactivation allows the seat to be retained and then reactivated on the same computer or a different computer later.

As for the activation process, deactivation of CVLGrid requires connection to the internet unless using the offline license. If the user is not connected to the internet, or if there is a firewall on the network or installation computer, an error message may be given. In this case, please adjust your internet virus checker or firewall settings and try activating again. If this fails please contact support.

1. To deactivate CVLGrid the user must click on the DSI button on the top right of the user form to the drop-down menu and select License Manager as shown in Figure 1. The License Manager provides the user with basic license information, including the user of the total number of seats available, the number of allowed activations and deactivations remaining, license name and code.

2. In some cases the user settings for screen resolution can cause the DSI button to be hidden. In this case use the F3 button to display License Manager shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1   CVLGrid License Manager.

3. At the bottom of the License Manager Form is the Deactivation button. Selecting this button will bring up the Deactivation form. Selecting Next, and selecting OK at the prompt will deactivate your current license seat, and the number of license seats available for activation will increase by one.

DSI usually provides the license code via email. The best way to enter the License Name and License Code is to copy and paste these from the DSI email (sometimes you may need to copy and paste into a text editor first). When pasting the license code, click on the first code field from the left and then paste the entire code. CVLGrid will parse the code into the appropriate blocks.