Spline Operations

When a Spline is loaded or generated, there are several functions available to the user to modify these polylines.

The user must first select the desired Spline layer in Layer Control. This makes the layer the active layer and it is displayed with bold font in the Layer Control. In the workspace a hand icon should now be displayed instead of an arrow when the user hovers over this spline. The user should select this polyline with LMC. When the user RMCs a function list is displayed as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Figure 1 Spline operations menu.

Figure 2 Spline operations menu detailed

Generally, most of enabled functions of Spline Operations are similar to those for Overlay Operation except Copy to Another Layer. For spline, this function is only applied to copy the selected spline to a spline layer. The other functions have been introduced in Overlay Operations.