Boundary Condition Group Editing Form

The editing of boundary condition groups were formerly all handled by one Modify/Edit BC Properties form. From release of EE7.2 onward each BC has its own specific form which is accessed by the Edit button shown in Figure 1. The individual boundary condition types are explored in the sections following. However, two frames are generic across all the BC types, the Current Boundary Group Information and Setting for Current Boundary Cell as shown in Figure 2.

The top frame, Current Boundary Group Information, contains general information on the total number of BC groups, the number of groups for this BC, the current group number and number of series for this BC. The next frame, Setting for Current Boundary Cell, contains the cell specific information for the current group. The user may add a cell or remove a cell from a boundary group using the scroll bar to select the Current Cell or set the cell location. The user may also use Add by Polygon option to select a polygon or polyline to assign the cells that are to be included in the group.

Figure 1  Boundary Condition Definitions/Groups.

Figure 2   Boundary Condition Settings – Flow Boundary.