Online Activation-EEMS

After installation, the user must activate the software before first use. When you purchase an EEMS subscription license, you will have access to the entire EEMS modeling suite for the subscription period you have purchased. You will receive your license code. Please note that to activate EEMS, the user must be connected to the internet unless using offline/dongle activation. If the user is not connected to the internet, or if there is a firewall on the network or installation computer, an error message may be given. In this case, please adjust your internet virus checker or firewall settings and try activating again. If this fails please contact support.

  1. To activate EEMS the user must start EE from the EE desktop icon or using the Start menu: "Start\DSI\EE8.3\” (as example for Windows 10)
  2. The user should then review the "Terms and Conditions" associated with use of EEMS software and then select "I Accept" option, if they do.
  3. If this is the first time you have run EEMS on your computer you will be see the EEMS be prompted for your license code, as shown in Figure 1. The user enter the license code then click Activate button. EEMS will automatically activate the license version based on your license code.

Figure 1  Activation with license code.

Figure 2  EE main form for license version.

4. The user can use EEMS Demo version by selecting Activate Demo Version on the form (Figure 1). If the user is a new user of EEMS, click New User button which takes you to the EEMS website to register. After the registration is successfully completed, the user must check their email then activate the account.

Figure 3  EEMS Demo Version activation options.

5. When the user has an account on the EEMS website they may activate EEMS. Click Sign In button in the Figure 3, the form Sign in for EEMS Demo Version is displayed as shown in Figure 4. Enter email and password and click the Sign In button.

6. A survey form for EEMS Demo Version will appear as shown in Figure 5. The user should fill in the survey form in order to use EEMS Demo version.

7. On completing the survey the main EE form will be displayed as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 4  EEMS Demo Version sign in form.

Figure 5  User survey for EEMS Demo Version.

Figure 6  EE Demo Version main form.