View 3D Setting

RMC on the legend in the 3D View, the 3D View Settings form will be displayed as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. 3D View Settings.

From this form, the user can set the main title and subtitle are visible or invisible by checking on the box; the font of time and text for the layers in the 3D legend can be changed by clicking on the Time and Text buttons.

To change the vertical exaggeration by entering a value in the Vertical Scale Modifier. The values for the fields of Easting and Northing Scale Modifier are not editable.

To show on/off the 3D axes by checking on the Show box of the 3D Axes frame.

RMC to the layer, the user is able to edit the payer properties. They have the ability to display multiple color ramps simultaneously. Within each of these options, the user may define the color ramp cut-offs or whether to auto-color based on the parameters min and max. The user may also simply display a gray color ramp or use a fixed color. The gradient fill option blends the color from one cell to another providing a more realistic appearance. (Figure 2)

The options displayed depend on which sub-models have been activated in EE. 

Figure 2. Surface Layer Properties.