This is the function that actually runs an EFDC project/model. It does not first save to disk the currently loaded EFDC project prior to running. Therefore, if the user has made changes that they desire the run to reflect, the user must first save the project.

Figure 1 shows the options box for the Run Option. The EFDC Run form provides quick access to the most pertinent run time settings for the EFDC simulation. Some of these data have already been set in the main form but EEMS allows the user to review and update these data as needed just prior to running the model. EEMS will save the EFDC input files automatically, if changes are made.

Figure 1.  EFDC+ Run Option.

The user must first specify the path to the EFDC executables before EE can be used to launch an EFDC run using the Run button. The Brows the button is used to browse to the corresponding EFDC executable ( shown in Figure 2). If the EFDC executable selected does not exist, EEMS will change the associated path background to light red.

Figure 2. EFDC executable.