New Features in CVLGrid1.1

A number of new features have been added to CVLGrid1.1 as improvements over CVLGrid1.0. These include:

  • Improved orthogonalization methodology and improved user controls. New orthogonalization options include use of Sorenson method and user defined coefficients.
  • Improved and simplified layer controls
  • Load digital terrain models to use topographic data in developing grids.
  • Telescoping: ability to create a distributed space between grid cells based on a user defined distance weighting factor.
  • Split grid: ability to split a grid domain into two grid domains, with new grid layer automatically generated on the Layer Control.
  • Import and write various new grid types: load and write grid types such as ECOMSED, SEAGRID, and CH3D.
  • Edit selected polyline by RMC on the polyline: add RM/RK labels,
  • Many hotkeys for editing polylines
  • Ability to copy polylines to other layers.
  • User-interface is now simpler and friendlier to use, with streamlined Side Menu among many changes.