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When building a model in EEMS, we recommend you use this checklist to help make sure you have covered the important elements:


A1. Clear A clear statement of study objectives and constraints, including schedulescheduling

A2. Area of interest and list of questions/problems to be addressed by modeling defined

A3. Site characteristics, data, and important processes identified

A4. Appropriate The appropriate model was chosen for items A1 to A3


A5. Data for boundary conditions and validation needs to be defined and available/acquired


A10. A1-A9 documented and checked by the reviewer(s)

Model Setup

B1. Grid sufficiency

  1. Boundary locations tested for effect on the area of interest and test conditions
  2. Resolution tested by grid refinement test
  3. Bathymetry and features visually checked for accuracy


B3. Initial conditions and spin-up is shown to be adequate to eliminate transients

B4. B1-B3 documented and checked by the separate reviewer(s)

Model Validation


D4. D1-D3 documented with client concurrence and checked by the reviewer(s)


E1. Items A-D documented in consistent inconsistent understandable fashion

E2. Results expressed with appropriate confidence limits and caveats